Due to recent guidelines set out by the government regarding the the Coronavirus pandemic, Fairfield Residential Home remains in lockdown with the residents living in small ‘bubbles’. Friends and family may visit their loved ones by appointment, with both parties sitting in the garden in our special ‘visiting gazebo’ and respecting the 2m social distancing at all times.

We are aware that there are many people living alone in the community who for many reasons are now ready to move into a care home after the prolonged lockdown. We are delighted to be welcoming new residents, although strict guidelines will be followed to ensure a safe transition to Fairfield for the new resident, our existing residents and staff.  

Details about what we are doing to prevent COVID from being brought into Fairfield, what procedures we have in place to protect residents, whether it is safe to move in to Fairfield and lots more can be found in our COVID FAQs.

Please ask to speak to a member of the management team for further assistance. Thank you.

About Fairfield

Fairfield is an independent care home for the active elderly located in North Oxford. In July 2018 we moved into a brand new home that has been built in the grounds of the original Fairfield, which had been a home to the elderly for 70 years. Fairfield Residential Home is a registered charitable company operated by a Board of Trustees with a wide range of skills.

We continue to provide exceptional care with compassionate, respectful and experienced staff who focus on the happiness of our residents. We believe that all residents should regard Fairfield as their home, thus retaining their right to independence, dignity and privacy.

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