Residents delighted by new Mural

The mural by Layla Cope

Residents of Fairfield Care Home are proud of the new mural outside their front door. Depicting a lake lined by trees, poppies and sunflowers, the mural has a senior couple arm-in-arm in the foreground, with herons and robins around the lake.  It was the inspiration of the home’s residents who would otherwise have been faced with an uninspiring blue hoarding whilst University College develop their ambitious new residential campus next door.   SDC, Univ’s main contractors, worked with Fairfield’s Head of Social Wellbeing to arrange for the mural artist Layla Cope to take on the residents’ challenging brief.  Her magnificent artwork now spans some 10 metres.

Layla said, “It was a great challenge but I t has been a wonderful experience working with the residents of Fairfield.  They have all taken a keen interest and, as the work progressed, they even suggested elements they would like me to add.”

Speaking at the unveiling, Chair of Trustees, Dr John Guy, said, “Layla has been an inspiration to us all helping us achieve our vision of an exceptionally happy home where residents enjoy a fulfilling later life.”

Farid Zadeh is the SDC manager overseeing the site work.  Speaking at the unveiling ceremony he said, “It has been particularly rewarding to work with the residents and staff of Fairfield.””

Farid added, “At SDC we try to develop good relationships with all neighbours and this is another example of the collaboration and teamwork of which we are so proud.”

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