Daughter’s wish comes true

Fairfield staff help a resident to make her daughters wedding day complete

When the daughter of one of our residents got married to her long-term partner, her one wish was that her Mum would be at the wedding. However, the restrictions of the COVID pandemic meant that her Mum hadn’t left Fairfield for a very long time and she felt that she wasn’t able to go to the wedding. Not only was Sheila extremely nervous about leaving her very comfy surroundings, she said had nothing new to wear!

Knowing what it would mean to both mother and daughter, Fairfield staff decided they would do all they could to get Sheila to the church on time to see her daughter get married.

Sitting with Sheila, we did some online shopping and chose a pretty navy blue dress with white polka dots for her wedding outfit. On the day, one of the staff washed and dried her hair and put a clip in it, someone else did her make up and others helped her get ready with her new dress and a navy shawl.

Sheila was driven to the church in the Fairfield minibus by our activities coordinator Maddie, accompanied by carer Jade. Both were wearing flowery dresses fit for a wedding guest, as they stayed with Sheila throughout the ceremony, reassuring her and making sure she was comfortable.

After lots of hugs and tears, smiles and laughs with the family and relatives, Sheila was able to be in the wedding photos alongside her daughter, her new husband and grandson.

Having Mum at my wedding had made my day complete!

Sheila's daughter

Afterwards, Sheila’s daughter said that having her Mum at her wedding had ‘made her day complete’ as she didn’t think her Mum would ever be able to get to the wedding, but thanks to Fairfield staff, Sheila did see her daughter married.

Once back at Fairfield, an exhausted but very happy Sheila was able to tell other residents about the wedding ceremony, the dresses, the flowers and to show photographs of what was a special and very memorable day for Sheila….and her daughter!

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