Edna celebrates her 105th birthday!

Fairfield throws a birthday party for a very special resident

Fairfield resident Edna is 105

Reaching 105 years old is quite a milestone requiring rather a big celebration and that’s exactly what we organised for Edna, one of our amazing residents, on Monday 27th July 2020.

Edna was over the moon with her surprise birthday party complete with banners, balloons and champagne. Edna is well known at Fairfield for her love of chocolate and sweets, so we themed her party around Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory including a huge chocolate cake made by our in-house chef.

All our residents enjoyed a socially distanced tea party in their bubbles, and joined in to sing happy birthday. The Queen sent a birthday card as did lots of family and friends of the great-grandmother.

We all adore Edna. During lockdown we were trying to keep everyone’s spirits up and she was leading a conga!

Lillian, Team Leader, Fairfield

Edna was born in Chester in 1915, just at the start of the First World War. She grew up in Nottingham and her earliest memory is of playing in the street when she was aged just nine. She moved to Henley with her husband in 1947 and to Whitchurch-on-Thames three years later. Edna was a mother to three children and a schoolteacher. After her husband died in 1963, Edna lived in Bath for a while and then moved to Oxford in 2007.  She has four great-grandchildren.

Edna’s story was featured in the Oxford Mail on Tuesday 28th July 2020. She said, “My family all lived to a decent age. I feel very lucky.”

Edna shares her birthday with Lillian, one of the team leaders here at Fairfield. Lillian told the Oxford Mail “Edna’s the biggest part of life here. We all adore her. During lockdown we were trying to keep everyone’s spirits up and she was leading a conga.”

You can read the Oxford Mail feature here.

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